A Hidden City Cut Out of the Bedrock… How Did They Do It? | Ancient Discoveries

A Hidden City Cut Out of the Bedrock... How Did They Do It?

Petra is a place of enduring mystery. Perhaps it is the way the Siq frames the magnificent Treasury building, or the aspect of the gaunt hills cut by deep wadis or rivers… Perhaps it is the twinkling lights from tourist tents in the blackness of the valley’s nights… Or it could be the very history of the celebrated ghost town which adds to Petra’s aura. There is just something about the city that draws all who see it like a magnet. Researcher and author Brien Forester visits this hidden location and discovers mysterious stone cut channels and hundreds of rooms cut out of the bedrock. How on Earth was these all created? All content on this channel is licensed, and or produced by Zohar Entertainment Group/Awakening Expo/Phenomena Magazine