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Grandmaster Wolf - 2nd interview (english)

In April and May 2020 I conducted two more short interviews with Grandmaster Wolf from Australia which I combined into one video. GM’s Website: GM’s Youtube channel: It is highly recommended to first watch the first part of our interview as we refer to several previous answers in this conversation. Here is the link to the first interview: In our second interview we covered the following topics: 0:00:00 How can GM describe what he experienced in Tibet during the death state? 0:08:00 How was the dark night of the soul process used in monestaries in Tibet as a transformational tool? 0:19:40 What should be considered if the dark night of the soul process should happen to humanity as a collective experience? 0:26:10 A powerful meditation to relieve fear, anxiety and depression instantly 0:36:45 What can GM tell us about intelligent extraterrestrial life? 0:44:00 Relative and absolut truth 0:46:00 An update on GM’s personal life – Moving to Sweden 0:50:20 Which „authorities“ did you refer to, when speaking about humanity being held back from expanding beyond planet earth? 0:56:50 What about the assertion that you have to abstain from sexual activies in order to achieve spiritual development? 1:01:30 Does yoga help us to develop the higher mind?