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Grandmaster Wolf - 3rd interview (english)

In July and September 2020 I conducted two more short interviews with Grandmaster Wolf from Australia which I combined into one video. GM’s Website: GM’s Youtube channel:… You find our two previous interviews here: In our third interview we covered the following topics: 00:00 Question regarding balloon experiment, what really happened? Remote telekinesis 05:35 First successes with remote telekinesis, relevant factors for success, astral travel 10:05 What is GM’s intent behind publishing his telekinesis videos? 13:10 Is there an all-inclusive fundamental meaning to life and does knowing it bring happiness? 20:30 Is there such a thing as the „correct path“? 25:05 What should one look for in a spiritual teacher? 28:30 What is your general take on the occult? 36:10 How can we help people who choose to stop evolving in order to avoid cognitive dissonance caused by new information? 41:40 How do we best deal with feelings of inadequacy and what is a good approach to learn to love oneself? 47:35 Practical exercise 51:45 Different forms of meditation, meditation experiences