Planet X – An Advanced Space Age Civilization…(The Anunnaki Homeworld Cuneiforms) | Ancient Discoveries

Planet X - An Advanced Space Age Civilization...(The Anunnaki Homeworld Cuneiforms)

Courtesy of Contact in the Desert Expo, LA – There are only a handful of specialists capable of deciphering Sumerian text. The most well known was the late, Zecharia Sitchin who revealed ancient information about a race of extraterrestrial beings known as the Anunnaki as well as their homework Nibiru. But what other details were discovered amongst the thousands of ancient cuneiform tablets? Presented by Marshall Klarfeld , a CALTECH graduate engineer, with over 50 year career in business and politics. His current pursuit, the History of the ANUNNAKI, has propelled him into the field of ancient archaeology. His research has uncovered what could be a defining moment in archaeology. All content on this channel is licensed, and or produced by Zohar Entertainment Group/Awakening Expo/Phenomena Magazine