Was the Ark of The Covenant a Technological Device?… Is It Still on Earth Today? | Ancient Discoveries

Was the Ark of The Covenant a Technological Device?... Is It Still on Earth Today?

Is the fabled Ark of the Covenant real, and might it one day be uncovered in our modern world? If so, where? And what secrets might it hold? Could it be a technological device of some sort? Many priests who are said to have guarded the Ark have died with symptoms of radiation poisoning. Some believe the Ark was hidden by Shinto Warriors in the mountainous regions of Japan. Others claim it resides within the confines of Rosslyn Chapel, or even within a small church in Ethiopia. One thing is for sure… if the Ark of the Covenant is real, and if one day it is discovered, it will be among the most important archaeological finds of all time… FOLLOW THE AUTHOR’S WORK: https://www.facebook.com/ufomarcuslowth https://www.ufoinsight.com/ https://www.metimeforthemind.com/ All content on this channel is licensed, and or produced by Zohar Entertainment Group/Awakening Expo/Phenomena Magazine